The Acts 4 Prayer Team is a valley wide, all church prayer group formed to promote unity within the Body of Christ. The aim of the group is to pray for our individual churches and pastors, for our region and country and its leaders, and also to pray on a broader base for global issues and for the nation of Israel.


Our purpose is to sow seeds of prayer into our churches through people who attend our prayer meetings. It is our hope that everyone who attends one of the Acts 4 Praise and Prayer events would either join or start a prayer team at their church or home, if they are not already in one. We believe this will break down the stronghold of  prayer-lessness that has been prevalent, not only in our valley, but throughout our nation.


The culture around us is changing and ministries are beginning to connect and support one another like never before. We believe God is bringing this about because a foundation of prayer has been laid by many before us who have prayed for years.


The Acts 4 Team's focus in prayer as been on these four issues:

1. Unity of believers in this valley

2. Love for one another to grow

3. The displacing of the powers of darkness (This begins with repentance, both individually and for the region.)

4. Revival to come to the local churches


Now that we see God moving in these areas, the Holy Spirit has given us four new areas to focus on:

Worship, Praise, Giving Thanks and Rejoicing that He has heard our prayer and things are happening in our valley. It’s time to thank Him and stop asking!


The long term vision is that through unity and prayer, the anointing of the Holy Spirit will be so powerful and the healing of our valley so complete, that people from around the state and nation - even from around the world, would come here to see what is happening, learn of the Good News of Jesus, and be encouraged to become a part of the new awakening.